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CERN complete le transicion para plomb-ion execution en le LHC

CERN completes transition to lead-ion running at the LHC

Quatre dies solament have tarded LHC operaciones equipe en CERN para terminer le transicion de protons para diriger ions en le LHC. Post de extraer le final raio de 2010 le 4 Novembre, comisionend le plomb-ion raio estava en procese en la sesta. Premiere colisions seva recorded a le 00:30 CET (Central Europe Tempo) le 7 Novembre, et le estable execution condicions signaled le principie de le fisiks con pesade ions a le 11:20 CET hodie.

Le Large Hadron Collider (LHC) es un gigant scientifik instrument proxime a Geneva, onde se extende le frontere inter Switzerland et France quasi 100 m subtarrane. El es un particule accelerator used par le fisiks para estudie le plus petit conocide particules  – le fundamental construction bloks de tot le cosas. El revolucionere nostre entendement, de le minuscule profonde munde en le atomes a le vastness de le enormide de le Universe.

Du raios de subatomik particules nomined 'hadrons' –protons or plomb ions-  voyagere en oposite directions en le circular acelerator, obtenend energie con chaque volte. Fisiks usere le LHC para recreer le condicions juste post de le Big Bang, chokend le du raios de front a much alte energie. Fisik equipes de cerca de le munde analise le particules cread en le colisions usend especial detectors en quelques experiments dedicated a le LHC.

Have much teories como le resultere de estes colisions, pero lo que esta clare es que como le conociment en fisiks particles continued  descrivend le laborets de le Universe, un brave novo munde de fisiks emergere de le nove acelerator. Durant decades, le Modele Standard de fisik particules have servid a le fisiks para comprende le fundamental leges de le nature, pero no have mostrad le complet istorie. Unikament le experimental dates usend le plus alte energies alcanzad par le LHC pove pulser le conociment para avant, facendo pensar a les que cherche confirmacion de le establised conociment, et les que se oser a soner plus loin de le paradigm.

Plomb- ion execution ovre un totalmente novo camine de exploracion para le LHC programe, provend le matiere como si haverie estad en le premiere instante de le universe existencie. Un de le principal objetives de ler plomb- ion execution es producir que minuscule quantities de este matiere, que nomined quark- of gluon plasma, et estudie su evolucion en le tipe de materia que completed hodie le universo. Este exploracion traere plus luce a le propertie de le fort interaction, que envolved le particules nomined quarks, en plus grand objets, como le protons et le neutrons. Continuend le inverno technik stop, operacion de le colision comencera de nove con protons en februarie et fisiks executions continuere durant le 2011. Multilingua maternal.

Four days is all it took for the LHC operations team at CERN to complete the transition from protons to lead ions in the LHC. After extracting the final proton beam of 2010 on 4 November, commissioning the lead-ion beam was underway by afternoon. First collisions were recorded at 00:30 CET on 7 November, and stable running conditions marked the start of physics with heavy ions at 11:20 CET today.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France about 100 m underground. It is a particle accelerator used by physicists to study the smallest known particles – the fundamental building blocks of all things. It will revolutionise our understanding, from the minuscule world deep within atoms to the vastness of the Universe.

Two beams of subatomic particles called 'hadrons' – either protons or lead ions – will travel in opposite directions inside the circular accelerator, gaining energy with every lap. Physicists will use the LHC to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang, by colliding the two beams head-on at very high energy. Teams of physicists from around the world will analyse the particles created in the collisions using special detectors in a number of experiments dedicated to the LHC.

There are many theories as to what will result from these collisions, but what's for sure is that a brave new world of physics will emerge from the new accelerator, as knowledge in particle physics goes on to describe the workings of the Universe. For decades, the Standard Model of particle physics has served physicists well as a means of understanding the fundamental laws of Nature, but it does not tell the whole story. Only experimental data using the higher energies reached by the LHC can push knowledge forward, challenging those who seek confirmation of established knowledge, and those who dare to dream beyond the paradigm.

Lead-ion running opens up an entirely new avenue of exploration for the LHC programme, probing matter as it would have been in the first instants of the Universe's existence. One of the main objectives for lead-ion running is to produce tiny quantities of such matter, which is known as quark-gluon plasma, and to study its evolution into the kind of matter that makes up the Universe today. This exploration will shed further light on the properties of the strong interaction, which binds the particles called quarks, into bigger objects, such as protons and neutrons. Following the winter technical stop, operation of the collider will start again with protons in February and physics runs will continue through 2011.


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