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European Forum de le Libre Culture

European Free Culture Forum

Le principal forum de european libre culture: FCForum, se celebre en Barcelona desde le 29 a le 31 de octobre, tri dias en les que se espere que participe plus de 50 artistes, politiks et economistes de tot le munde. Este expertes debatere le nove modeles de negoce que face posible Internet et le consequencies de le recent european sentencie supra le digital canon, inter otre questions.

Le seconde edicion de le forum have como objetive, intra otres, crear un manual de use supra le nove modeles de sostenibilitie en le epoke digital, "que restere a disposicion de le comunitie ", de acuerdo con le opinion de su organisators.

Le pased ano, le forum cread le 'Carte por le innovacion, le creativitie et le aces a le conociment', un legal compendium "que have sed prended como Magne Carte per organisacions de Europa et Unid Estades", selon le organisacion, que reuni "plus de 20 anos de juridik proposals par adapter le legislacion supra le derects de autor a le digital epoke", realised per plus de cent especialistes. Ese carte uni le du grand tradicions de le intelectual propietie: le derect de autor et le copyright, et equalment le derects de cite, privat copie et juste use.

En le edicion de 2010 participe, intra otres, Peter Sunde, cofundator de le web de links The Pirate Bay, et le creator de le sisteme de micropayes par Internet, Jeremie Zimmermann, representant de le organisacion.

Equalment sere posible conocer le experiencies de creators que actualment profite le ret par developer cultural negocies de exito, como Kickstarter, de Unid Estades, platform que financie grupes, games et diverse audiovisual projects.

Este forum, que aborde le nove modeles de negocie en Internet con un nove perspective, es convoked per le organisacion eXgae et se celebre en le Arts Santa Monica de Barcelona, le UB (Universitie de Barcelona) et otre places de le citie. Multilingua maternal.

The main European free culture forum: FCForum is celebrating in Barcelona from 29th to 31th October, three days where it is estimated there will be more than 50 artists, politicians and economists from all over the world. These experts will discuss about the Internet new business models and the involvements of the recent European digital canon ruling among other matters.

One of this second´s forum edition objectives is to create a use manual about sustainability new models in the digital era, “which will be to community´s disposal” according to organizer´s opinion.

Last year, the Forum created the “Innovation, creativity and knowledge access letter”, a legal summary “that has been assumed as Magna Letter by European and American organizations”, according to the organization which “has more than 20 years juridical proposals to adapted author rights legislation to digital era”, made by more than hundred of specialists. This letter joints intellectual property´s most important traditions: the author right and the copyright, and also appointment and fair use rights.

In 2010 edition will take part Peter Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay links web and Jeremie Zimmerman, the Internet micropayments system creator and organization´s spokesman.

There will also be available different creator´s experiences which are already using the net to developed exit cultural businesses as American Kickstarter, from which platform groups, games and different audiovisual products are financed.

The Forum, which deals with the Internet business new models under a new perspective, is convocated by eXgae organization and it has place in the Arts Santa Monica, the UB (University of Barcelona) and other places of the city.   


Multilingua Maternal

Multilingua plus de 30% de persones (2.000 millons) comprende le 90% de le vocabularie et gramatik

Vos comprendez?


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